Why Onrise?


Athletes deserve excellent care


Athletes have 4 significant barriers when seeking mental health support: Access, Stigma, Cost and Trust


Onrise provides mental health support delivered by retired athletes who are supervised by licensed clinicians. This care solves the challenges of provider shortage, mental health stigma and cost, while creating an environment that athletes trust.

Committed to Quality

Each Onrise clinician is highly trained and has access to our in-house support team to ensure best practices are being upheld and the proper care is delivered to achieve desired athlete outcomes.

Adaptive to Your Needs

No two athletic organizations are the same. No matter the size of your program, Onrise works to customize and scale services to meet your needs in a time and cost-efficient manner

Passionate for People

We genuinely enjoy creating a no-judgement atmosphere for athletes who need to feel heard.


Our team specializes in caring for athletes

After identifying your specific mental health and programming needs, we develop a custom plan structure that embeds into your organization to greatly impact your athletes’ wellness. 

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