Player Care

Innovative Player Care Program and Telehealth Support for Athletes


Athletes face extreme physical and psychological demands, as well as the typical pressures of managing their lives off the field, which can lead to extraordinary complexity and suffering that cannot be effectively addressed with standard approaches to wellness.


The Onrise Player Care Program provides a complete, whole-person wellness program that considers each athlete’s unique life experiences and biopsychosocial status to secure progress in all areas of their lives – not just on the pitch.

  • Logistics: Consultation for housing, transportation, communication, and schedule management, including implementing induction/exit strategies for athletes, assistance with communication/language, and schedule management.
  • Development: A foundation of social, interpersonal, and educational support, including social and interpersonal development, educational support, and life skills development.
  • Wellbeing: A robust approach to mental health, physical health, and life skills. Player Care, talk therapy, and psychiatry.
    • Player Care: A full Player Care Screening to evaluate for players’ baseline mental health and provide strengths and resource mapping. All screenings are reviewed by a licensed mental health clinician. Player Care Specialist sessions within 24 hours when requested. On-call Player Care Specialist for acute care. Referrals to Onrise’s licensed Therapists and Psychiatrists/Psychiatric Nurse Practitioners as needed.
    • Talk Therapy: First session within 48 hours of request by the Player Care Specialist, confidential care, private telehealth via HIPAA-compliant Zoom platform, trauma-informed care, and crisis management and planning. Privacy tailored to the needs of professional athletes. Onrise can file insurance is available.
    • Psychiatry: With a referral from the Player Care Specialist the Onrise Care team can help with your medication management and psychiatric needs.

Our team is designed to support yours.

After identifying your specific programming needs, we develop a custom plan structure that embeds into your business and team culture.

Seamlessly Integrating Onrise into your Team

Player Care Screening

A robust approach to mental health, physical health, and life skills.

Developing Rapport with the Player Care Specialist

Especially in a hybrid system, we believe it is of utmost importance to develop a meaningful relationship with the Player Care Specialist. If players know who they are reaching out to, they will reach out more often.

On-Call Player Care Specialist

When any issues arise, the Player Care Specialist is a click away. They can meet with the player within 24 hours.

Mental Health Needs

When the needs of a player should be elevated to a licensed LCSW or Psychiatrist, the Onrise team will see them within 48 hours.

Ongoing Support

Onrise will be there for your team, even during the off-season. We believe that if a player is healthy and settled, they will ultimately perform better as a result.


Onrise featured in Sports Business Journal

Sports Business Journal Executive Insights on Onrise: In our Executive Insight conversation with Onrise’s Brenda McBride and Derrick Furlow, they discuss their approach and how they have continued to help athletes all over the world attack their struggles with mental health.”

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