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Compassionate Specialty Mental Health Care

At Onrise, we are passionate about providing high-quality behavioral care to diverse populations with a wide range of needs. We understand that mental health issues can significantly impact an individual’s quality of life, as well as the lives of those around them.

However, the traditional model of psychiatric care often fails to meet the needs of the most vulnerable individuals due to a shortage of providers and a lack of willingness to care for those on the margins of society.

Player Care

A team is only as good as its players, and all players need support. Get started today.

Employee Care

A new system designed to allow employers to support the wellness of their employees.

Determined to improve the status quo, Onrise has developed innovative approaches that make care more accessible, responsive, and cost-effective.

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Why Choose Onrise?

Onrise has a passion for providing behavioral care to unique populations with varying acuity. We recognize that behavioral health issues significantly impact a person’s quality of life, as well as those around them. Unfortunately, the traditional model of psychiatric care struggles to serve the most vulnerable due to a scarcity of providers, a high fee-for-service structure, and often a reluctance to care for people on the fringe.

Not satisfied with the status quo, Onrise has innovated approaches that make care more accessible, responsive, and cost-efficient.


A tiered approach to behavioral health care delivery provides a sustainable solution that drastically reduces overall behavioral health spending.


Onrise designs and delivers custom behavioral health treatment for the highest-cost patient populations.


Providers and patients have access to behavioral health care at the time of service.


We have 15 years of experience designing and implementing innovative and affordable behavioral health delivery systems.


Onrise’s efficient model can support larger panels of patients than the traditional behavioral health model.


We love what we do, and our providers are deeply committed to our patients’ care.

Player Care


The extreme physical and psychological demands on athletes combine with the typical pressures of managing complex lives off the field and produce extraordinary complexity that exceeds standard approaches to wellness resulting in avoidable suffering.


The Onrise Player Care Program provides a complete, whole-person wellness program and prioritized telehealth support for athletes, which powerfully considers their unique life experiences and biopsychosocial status in order to secure progress in all areas of their lives— not just on the pitch.

Employee Care


Life in the workforce can be challenging. Whether it’s physical labor, emotional duress, or general trauma, it can be hard to continue with your career while you’re facing intense obstacles.


Onrise’s team of experts and providers provides a robust and comprehensive wellness program for employees of all lifestyles and orientations. We believe that optimizing your mental health is necessary not just for a good work-life but for a happy lifestyle in general.

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